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I have been sharing my expertise with hundreds of students since 2007. My objective is always to pass on as much knowledge as I can to my students - my secrets, experience, tips and tricks that I've learnt lashing in the real world. So they can too have the confidence to embark on their new career as a Professional Lash Artist. 

My Cashmere Classics Workshop (was named Foundation Classics Workshop) is NZ's most popular training workshop. Now I am making our classes even more exciting with our NEW Cashmere Lashes. I have seen an increase of confidence in all my new students; their speed had improved dramatically within a short amount of time, and their sets were looking even more amazing than before.

I offer training from beginners to advanced levels, check out our workshops below get in touch if you have further questions.



You'll learn all the basics that you need to start your new career as a Lash Artist. This workshop is designed to give you the confidence to start your very own eyelash extension business. No experience necessary.

Duration 8 hours over 2 days

$1190 with FREE $700 training kit



This Workshop focuses on honing your skills in areas such as Consultation, Infills, Hybrid Lashes with Promade Fans, Allergies, Lash Styling, Pricings, Photos and other in-depth topics. Classic lashing experience essential.

Duration 8 hours over 2 days

$1190 with FREE $700 training kit



Designed for experienced Lash Artists who wish to advance their skills to becoming a Cashmere Volume Lash Artist. You will learn different techniques to create soft and beautiful volume fans with 0.10mm and 0.15mm Cashmere Lashes.

Duration 8 hours over 2 days

$1190 with FREE $700 training kit

Gabrielle1 copy-1.jpg


Supervised Practical is essential as part of your on-going lash journey. No theory, just models and I will help you improve your posture, speed and lash retention with the correct techniques and setup. Classic, Hybrid or Volume experience welcome.

1 Model $395 (FREE $100 credit)

2 Models $695 (FREE $200 credit)



3 months Duration, 6 Sundays, 40 hours of Theory and Hands on Training so you can become a Confident and Competent Lash Artist in Classics, Hybrid and Volume in just 3 months!

Our Mastery Program comprises of

  • Cashmere Classics 8 hours (2 half days)

  • Practical 2 models 6 hours

  • Cashmere Hybrid/Infill 8 hours 

  • Practical 2 models 6 hours

  • Cashmere Volume 8 hours 

  • Practical 2 models 6 hours

10 models and 10 certificates, our CelebrityLASH Cashmere Mastery Program is the most comprehensive lash training in the NZ market.

Duration: 2 x half days + 5 full days

$4990 with FREE $2700 training kit

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