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I have been testing lash products for over 15 years, however it wasn't until 2021 that I finally sourced some incredible Cashmere Lashes that are dark and lightweight with amazing retention.


Fast forward to 2024, I have expanded our range with top of the line Cashmere Promades. My goal is to utilize my expertise by offering superior products for NZ Lash Artists like yourself, so you can create safe and beautiful lashes for your clients.

Our CelebrityLASH adhesives cater for different speeds and humidity levels, they are much LOVED by many Lash Artists nationwide. I will continue working alongside lash factories to provide you with exceptional quality lash products in the coming years.

Feel free to contact me, I am more than happy to offer advice or answer any questions you may have in regards to your lash business.




Our Featherlight Cashmere Promades are available in 4 different sizes, they come in Single size trays from 8mm to 15mm as well as Mixed Trays. Bulk discount from 2 trays or more.

  • 3D in 0.07mm

  • 3D in 0.10mm

  • 3D in 0.12mm

  • 5D in 0.07mm



Our range consists of 5 different adhesives to cater for any experience levels, bulk discount for 2 more.

  • Pro 1 - All round adhesive, suitable for sensitive eyes. Recommend humidity 50% - 75%

  • Pro 1 Rapid - All round adhesive, suitable for sensitive eyes. Recommend humidity 40% - 60%

  • Pro 2 - Experienced Lash Artists. Recommended humidity 45% - 65%

  • Pro 2 Rapid - Experienced Lash Artists, low viscosity, quick dry, Recommended humidity 40% - 60%

  • Volume Magic - All round adhesive, suitable for sensitive eyes. Suits a large range of humidity,

  • Cashmere Magic - coming soon!



The best way to sample our most popular lash products, you can choose between our Black Diamond Classic Cashmeres, Featherlight Cashmere Volume and Featherlight Cashmere Promades.

  • Duo Bundles - your choice of Adhesive and Lash trays

  • Trio Bundles - your choice of Adhesive, Lash trays and Tweezers

  • Promade Bundles - your choice of Adhesive and Cashmere Promade trays

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