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Over the past 17 years, I have operated a successful lash salon and have trained hundreds of students. I have also created a resource website - to help potential clients learn more about this service.


Fast forward to 2024, my goal is to utilize my expertise by offering superior products for NZ Lash Artists like yourself, so you can create beautiful lashes for your clients.

Our CelebrityLASH adhesives are much LOVED by many Lash Artists nationwide, and I have recently expanded our range with some amazing Cashmere Promades that are lightweight, safe and long lasting. I will continue working alongside lash factories to provide you with exceptional quality lash products in the coming years.

Feel free to say hi by sending me a DM 'Elisia Webb' on Facebook, I am more than happy to offer advice or answer any questions you may have in regards to your lash business.




For years, I have been sourcing the best lash products to help improve application speed and lash retention for my clients.

Due to the rarity of great quality Cashmere Lashes in the market, I have been testing many samples from my suppliers before launching our Black Diamond collection in 2022 and Featherlight Cashmere Volume/Promades in 2023.

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