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I have attended two of Elisia's training days (Classics and Volume) in 2018 and 2019 and would 100% recommend Elisia! Her knowledge on lashing is next to none and her continuing support has been incredibly helpful! After attending the two classes at CelebrityLash under Elisia, I felt confident to branch out and start my own business. One year since attending my first class, I now own and operate an ever growing business in eyelash extensions. I would recommend Elisia to anyone who wants to give themselves the best chance at making a success of their eyelash extension business! 

Jenni Clarke

I had volume training with Elisia in 2018, Elisia is very knowledgeable and her willingness to give all her knowledge to us shows what kind of person she is. I have also sent my staff member to Elisia for training as well, I'm so grateful that we have someone like her in the eyelash industry. 

Natalia Koswara, Lash Lab + Beauty 

I completed training in the CelebrityLash 3 month Mastery course starting in May 2022 learning Classics, Hybrid, and Volume Lashes. I researched around NZ before deciding who to train with in lash extensions as I wanted to ensure I got the best with no questions left un-answered. Elisia definitely delivered from the start with sharing as many helpful and knowledgeable tips and advice. I enjoyed that the course wasn’t full of information overload and we were able to do practical and hands on learning as well as theory which is my style of learning. She did recommend that I start off with just the Classic Foundation class as I’m a inexperienced lash artist however I wanted to complete all three as I know over time I will eventually succeed with all three styles of lashing.


Elisia has years of experience in the lashing industry and is a complete perfectionist in her craft as well as a genuine and down to earth person who you easily feel comfortable with contacting personally if needing support after the lash extension training. It was such an honour learning from Elisia and I can’t wait to continue practicing lashing as I’m confident I've learnt so much completing this course. I recommend to anyone wanting to train in lash extensions. 

Leticia Williams - Goldie Lashes and Brows


I completed my Classics training with Elisia in November 2020, at the time I wanted to go all in with her Mastery but Elisia advised me to attend this class first to make sure lashing is for me. Elisia was right and lashing wasn’t easy, I spent months practicing on friends and family from home. I felt defeated from time to time, but I always reached out to Elisia and she never hesitated to give me productive feedback, even replying IG messages at midnight!


I kept practicing what Elisia taught me, I did struggle and lashing really tested my patience. Then I started to really enjoy it, my lashes were starting to look fuller, my timing also improved, and it was then I decided I was all in. I joined Elisia’s Lash Mastery course in June 2021, it was the best decision and investment I’ve ever made. The course was very well structured, and Elisia’s support and guidance in every step was amazing. She made the process easy and stress-free, her advice was always great and lifted my confidence every time!


It was a huge benefit for me to have stretched out my Lash Mastery to over a year. It allowed me time to take away everything I was taught, and be able to perfect it before coming back for the next class. Elisia was always patience, and never rushed me or any of her students.


With my hard work and determination, one year later, I have moved into my own salon. I now have a great solid clientele base and a great source of revenue. This is literally not a job for me, it is more like a hobby that I love and I get to do it everyday.


It’s almost 2 years on, and I can tell you I am not the same girl I was when I first walked into her class. I am a confident person, mum and a business woman, I love what I do and Elisia is still very much a huge influence in my lash journey back then & now. I still go to her for advice on anything I’m stuck on.


I made the best choice in having Elisia as my mentor I am glad I made that decision & she most definitely always delivers ! When any of my clients are interested in starting their lashing career, Elisia is always the first person I think of, she is highly educational, extremely supportive & her guidance is next to none. She never disappoints and it’s definitely a journey but well worth it, with her by your side x 


Nina Tawhi - Laylashxo

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