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I hold training classes 2 Sundays each month, from beginners to advanced, training dates are listed below.

There are 3 intakes every year for our CelebrityLash Cashmere Mastery - February, May and August. You are welcome to join us for a Cashmere Classics workshop and have a taste of lashing, then come back later to upgrade to the full course. This way you'll be able to get more practice and have a good foundation before moving onto more advanced techniques.


Otherwise you could also choose to attend all 6 days within 3 months. Learn at your own pace, but I do suggest you practice on 10 models in between each class. You can stretch out your classes to 6 months or even longer if you haven't had the chance to practice. My objective is for you to feel confident to take on clients in the real world, so I do require some commitment from you in order to make your training successful.

Dates for the second half of 2023 onwards will be confirmed in May/June as I may be away. I will update them as soon as I can. Feel free to DM or email me to book for a training class.​​


2023 Training dates 2.png
2023 Training dates 1.png
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