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All beginners with zero experience will be required to attend our Cashmere Classics Workshop. All our workshops come with it's own kit, you can choose to attend 1 workshop or multiple workshops.

If you are interested in signing up for our Cashmere Mastery, I would encourage you to first sign up for our Cashmere Classics Workshop, then pay the difference to upgrade once you have committed. This way, it will ensure you have had a taste and you are certain that lashing is for you before pursuing further.

We don't have fixed training days from 2024 onwards as all training will be 1 on 1, please contact me to check availability. 

You can also learn more about our products on this website 


is part 1 of our CelebrityLASH Mastery Program, it is designed for beginners who have not had any lashing or beauty experience. This workshop consists of 2 x half days, you will take home a mannequin to practice on after your first day, and your second day should be booked 7 - 10 days after.


We aim to help overcome the common hurdles and challenges that a new trainee would face in the real lash world. Our focus is to give you the confidence practice on friends and family after your class. This workshop has been refined over the past decade, to ensure all content is always up to date, and our teaching is tailored to suit each individual student.


You will be learning - 

Extensive theory, with photos and diagrams to illustrate the different types of eyelash extensions. Sizing chart and how to choose them correctly and safely for your clients. Safe application, History, Allergies, Sensitivities, Do's and don'ts, Product knowledge, Basic Lash Design, Pricing, plus so much more!!​​


CelebrityLASH Cashmere Classics Workshop is upbeat and jam-packed to provide you with all the information you'll need to kick start your career as a Professional Lash Artist. All our students LOVED our straight forward teaching style, and we will provide post training support for each student and be part of your lash journey. Training manual, PowerPoint and other relevant information will be available for you in Dropbox after course completion. You will receive your Certificate of attendance on the day and you can earn a Certificate of excellence after sending through case studies, and sitting a practical exam.​​


Cost is $1190 with a free $700 training kit. 


Day 1 Theory (3.5 hours)


  • Introduction

  • Theory          

  • Creating lash tiles

  • Applying lashes on sponges/mannequin

Day 2 Live Model (3.5 hours)

  • Model Demo

  • Student Practice

  • 2D & 3D Promade fans

  • Basic consultation, Aftercare & Removals

  • Certification


is part 2 of our CelebrityLASH Mastery Program, it is designed for experienced Lash Artists wanting to upskill. 


Our focus for this class is on Promade Fans and infills. Unlike our Cashmere Classics Workshop, this workshop is more relaxed, it is discussion based rather than theory based. Together we will overcome your own personal challenges such as lash retention, taking good photos, consultation, pricing moving forward, social media, dealing with difficult clients, marketing and business building etc.


You will be learning - 

Ways to improve on your lash retention, mixing different curls in your lash set, infill theory and techniques, applying Hybrid lashes with Premade Fans. We will take a deeper look into allergies, how to spot them early and what to do about it.


CelebrityLash Cashmere Hybrid/Infill Workshop is a fun way to learn, we have a less structured day, where I will work with individual Lash Artists to help overcome their own challenges. We ask you to organize a model to come in who you lashed 2 weeks ago and we will assess how successful your set has been. You will receive your Certificate of attendance on the day and you can earn a Certificate of excellence after sending through case studies, and sitting a practical exam.​​

Cost is $1190 with a free $700 training kit.


10am - Introduction & Group Discussion

11am - Application steps, lash prepping and setting up         


11:30am - Infill model arrives

1:00pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Powerpoint - consultation, allergies, lash styling, clients

2:30pm - Models 

5:30pm - Photos, pricing, social media, marketing, record keeping

6pm - Certification and Day Ends!

This schedule may alter slightly depending on the Lash Artist's experience level, and whether or not they have attended a Cashmere Classics with us previously.

Gabrielle1 copy-1.jpg


is part 3 of our CelebrityLash Mastery Program. Designed for experienced Lash Artists who wish to upskill from Classics or Promades to hand making their Volumes Fans for superior bonding and incredible retention.


You will learn different methods to create soft and fluffy 2D to 4D volume with 0.10mm and 0.15mm Cashmere Flat Lashes. Cashmere are much lighter in weight, so you can achieve blacker, softer and safer lash extensions for your clients for life.


You will be learning - 

Hand made Volume vs Premade/Promade, different fanning techniques, different glue dipping method, using wider/narrower fans for styling and customization​​

Using Cashmere Flat Lashes for Volume application has totally transformed many Lash Artist's businesses. Many of us are in love with how soft and lightweight they are, which means you can now create much fuller and longer sets that are healthier for the natural lashes with incredible longevity. You will receive your Certificate of attendance on the day and you can earn a Certificate of excellence after sending through case studies, and sitting a practical exam.​​

Cost is $1190 with a free $700 training kit.


10am - Introduction

10:30am - Theory

12pm - Different fanning techniques with 0.15mm and 0.10mm 


12:30pm - Testing volume tweezers

1pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Practice

2:30pm - Model

6pm - Certification and Day Ends!



is an opportunity where you can have a Trainer overlooking and checking over your work without having to attend a class.


Models only, no theory, I will check your setup and posture, giving you suggestions on what you should try and help you get faster with your application. Feel free to bring along a challenging model so we can go through her lash set together.

You have the option of 1 or 2 models, cost is $395 and $695 respectively.




is the ultimate eyelash extension training course.​​


Train to become a Competent and Confident Lash Artist in just 3 months! We have 3 intakes per year - February, May and August. You can complete your Cashmere Mastery as quickly as 12 weeks, or you can stretch out your training days to over 6 months or longer.


Learn at your own pace, I am here to help you establish skills and confidence so you are ready to take on clients in the real world!

I strongly recommend you practice on 10 models in between all the training days, so you will come back for your next session with more questions for us to tackle together.

Check out our testimonials and see what our students loved about our courses!

Cost is $4990 for 6 days.


Day 1 - Cashmere Classics

Day 2 - Practical Workshop 2 models

Day 3 - Cashmere Hybrid/Infill 

Day 4 - Practical Workshop 2 models

Day 5 - Cashmere Volume

Day 6 - Practical Workshop 2 models

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