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As your natural lashes grow in a replenishing cycle, your extensions will gradually fall out when your natural lashes shed. This is constant process is inevitable, but by following these aftercare instructions, your beautiful new lashes can last longer, maximising the length of time required in between touch-ups.


  • Do not come into contact with water or steam for the first 48 hours after treatment.

  • Do not use oil-based products on your new lashes or around eye area. Always use OIL FREE makeup removers for taking off makeup, use cotton buds and work around the lashes. Opt for a lighter eye cream or even eye gel.

  • Avoid close contact with open pots or ovens, as extreme heat may cause the lashes to twist, singe or come loose.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face, do not tug or pull your new lashes.

  • If your lashes are wet after a shower or swim, dry gently by blinking onto a tissue. Followed by a cool fan or hairdryer to remove any excess moisture.

  • Washing your lashes with LashGame Foaming Lash Wash daily is HIGHY recommended to keep your eyes and lashes clean and healthy.


Infills for Classic Lashes should be between 3 - 4 weeks, and for Volume should be between 4 - 5 weeks. Please contact me immediately if you experience any discomfort.



Longevity varies between individuals, and some of the possible determinants are:

  • Your chosen SET - Generally, the fuller the set, the longer your lashes will last. Classic Lashes will last approximately 3 to 4+ weeks and Hybrid/Volume would be 4 to 6+ weeks.

  • Your natural LASHES - The more porous your lashes, the better 'grab' they have to the glue/extensions; and hence, better longevity. Healthy lashes in great shape and texture can also increase longevity vs damaged and weak natural lashes.

  • Your AFTERCARE - Your sleeping pattern (sleeping on your face vs sleeping on your back), active lifestyle, your job (sitting in air conditioned office vs cooking in a hot kitchen), how gentle you are with your lashes, and most importantly, how often you WASH your lashes, all affects lash longevity! Regular washing helps to remove dirt, oil and makeup sitting on your extensions, thus prolonging how long they last. See our aftercare here.

  • The WEATHER - Lash glue cures in the presence of hydrogen (which is found in H2O) so the rain/level of humidity can really affect the 'glue grab' during your application!! Other weather variables such as air flow and denseness of air in the room also play a big part in how well your extensions bond and cured at the time of your appointment.

  • The SEASON - In summer, due to the heat and the fact we are generally more active, lashes don't usually last as well. The beginning of Spring and Autumn are times when our natural lashes shed the most (think how animals change their fur) and are also common allergy seasons due to pollen and hay fever etc; which can irritate your eyes, thus reducing longevity. Winter is free of the above factors, so it's the best time to get lashes done if you want the best value for money!


As a Lash Artist and Trainer myself, I am frustrated and disheartened to hear about all the disappointing experiences women have had with their eyelash extensions.


I am dedicated to keep raising the standard of safe and damage-free eyelash extensions across New Zealand, and this is the reason why was created.

This website is dedicated to eyelash extensions, providing free information to help women make their own informed decisions when it comes to choosing a lash specialist. 

I hope you find my information valuable, and feel free to get in touch with me with any questions!

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