The latest magnetic technology is now available in New Zealand!


Unlike the first generation of Magnetic Lashes, where you're placing 2 pieces on top and under your natural lashes for them to attract and secure in place, our Day & Night Magnetic Lashes attract to our eyeliner, making the application much faster and easier!


No more eyelash glues, you can too apply your own false lashes like a PRO, literally in seconds! 

Each set contains 1 x Magnetic Eyeliner & 2 Pairs of Magnetic Lashes - the Day Pair offers a natural look, and the Night pair offers a more glamorous look! For ultra glam, you can stack them together for a thicker, fuller look!!


Magnetic Lashes

- There are 3 mini pieces of magnets bonded to the lash band 

- Easy to remove, doesn't pull out your own natural lashes like latex glue does

- Available in 3 styles - Natural, Cateye and Whispy for different lash look to suit different occasion 

- Available in 3 bandwidths - Small 26mm, Medium 28mm and Large 30mm to suit different eye shape 


Magnetic Liner
- Black liquid eyeliner that glides on smoothly 

- Fine brush for precise application

- Waterproof and long lasting, will stay on for hours

You can make your purchase from www.magneticlashes.co.nz 

Wholesale available, if you are a salon wanting to retail our Magnetic Lashes, please contact us for more info!

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