In 2014, Elisia launched a resource website providing valuable information on eyelash extensions, and it went under a brand new relaunch in 2020.



Her website is to educate women on the do's and don'ts of eyelash extensions, what to expect at your lash appointment, and what signs to look out for if you had lashes improperly applied. 



Elisia is dedicated to keep raising the standard of safe and damage-free eyelash extensions in NZ, and this website is to provide free information to help women make their own informed decisions when it comes to choosing a lash specialist.

Learn more about 

- Differences between Classic/Volume/Mega Volume Lashes

- Differences between Semi Permanent/Temporary Lashes

- Lash Application Procedure 

- Lash Sizes - curls, lengths, thickness

- Myths

- FAQs

- Training and Career opportunities

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